Welcome to METRO Industries
Metro Industries is committed to manufacture pumps for various pumping and testing systems for success –believing always in innovation ,quality products and services.
The company specialises in hand operated and motorized pumps for hydraulic pressure testing , cement grouting ,epoxy injection grouting etc.
We are also manufacturing India mark II and extra deepwell hand pump and maintenance tools kit as per IS standard.
We also deal in variety of liquid transfer pump required for various type of applications.
Excellent manufacturing and testing facilities enables us to subject every product to rigorous quality inspection at every stage of production and tested for performance under extreme working conditions . So with ingenious efforts towards quality and cost control our products claim a competitive edge over other products in local and outside markets.
We request you to visit our premises or contact us for any technical details and for visualizing all potential applications of our pumps.
We also have developed dealer network in prime cities for prompt deliveries and services.