Manual Cement Grout Pump (Model- MCGP-1)

MCGP-1 is manual operated piston pump designed to perform wide variety of applications for Pumping cement grouting material, slurries and especially for grouting cement mortars. The pump is majorly used in construction and mining industry for grouting material into wide and medium size gap in beams, columns ,basement walls and flooring, lift shaft concrete wall fill-up etc. In mining industry it is used to fill up micro concrete pillows where there is gap between structure and rock and for soil stabilization. It has application in chemical industry also to pump out chemical slurries.

Features and benefits:

Item Feature Benefit
Pump Output Pressure up-to 10 kg/cm2 (140psi). Suitable for heavy cement grouting jobs.
Output discharge up-to 10 to 12 liters/min Low grouting time and labor consumption.
Suitable Material selection Compatible with grout.
Detachable Easy to clean and maintain.
Manual Driving handle High Length Provides High torque with minimum effort.
Low Weight Can be carried easily.
Manual work Easily available.
Stand   sturdy metal construction Increases equipment life and resist from frequent breakdowns.
Cleaning Can be scrapped and cleaned.
Durability Highly durable.
Fluid compatibility Cement, solvents, water.
Fluid Hoses Compatibility with materials No changing hoses between applications.
Swivel connection Easy to change hoses – saves time, Orientation at any angle.
High Pressure capacity Suitable for grouting job.
Pressure gauge 21kg or 300 psi Pressure can be regularly monitored and controlled.
Other Accessories Suitability Suitable with pump and grouting job.