Pneumatic Cement Grout Cone(Model- PCGC-10)

Pneumatic Cement Grout cone is an air assisted equipment used for cement grouting. Pneumatic Cement Pressure Grout Cone can be used for one shot cement grout of 25 kg mixture with water ratio of 15 liters. This system needs a compressor separately which is connected to the cone by inlet and is controlled by ball valve for both air intake and material ejections with a max pressure of 10 kg/ cm2 depending upon the capability of your compressor. This equipment can be driven even in remote areas by using engine driven compressor. This equipment is very easy to operate and offers a heavy amount of output grout in one shot.

Features and benefits:

Item Feature Benefit
Equipment Output Pressure up-to 10 kg/cm2. Suitable for medium and heavy cement grouting jobs.
Output discharge up-to 40liters in one shot. Low grouting time and labor consumption.
Suitable Material selection Compatible with grout and weightless.
Detachable Easy to clean and maintain.
Pneumatic Conical Chamber Large diameter Exerts High force on the grout.
Pressure regulator can be used Can be controlled Easily.
Low Weight Can be carried easily.
No Electrical power requirement. Can be Easily used even in remote areas.
Stand   sturdy metal construction Increases equipment life and resist from frequent breakdowns.
Cleaning Can be scrapped and cleaned.
Durability Highly durable.
Fluid compatibility Cement, solvents, water.
Fluid Hoses Compatibility with materials No changing hoses between applications.
High Pressure capacity Depends upon Air Pressure.