High Pressure cement grout Pump (Model- Mi-10)

High pressure Cement grout pump is a diaphragm type pump used inprofessional waterproofing or, grouting of cement slurry in ducts, masonry, concrete structures etc. Pumping of the cement solution occurs due to diaphragm action so it is a simple, easy to use, Compact and highly efficient equipment. It can be operated in any place with stable platform and also used on scaffolds structures. With an output efficiency of 250 liters per hour at 140 psi (10kgs/cm2) it is the most economical machine for contractors and applicators.


  • Used in concrete repairing/ grouting / duct gap filling and other applications.
  • It has an output efficiency of 250 liters per hour at 140 psi (10kgs/cm2).
  • Only replaceable part is rubber diaphragm hence easy to maintain.
  • Ready to use pumps suitable for all types of grouting jobs.
  • Precise machining of pump components leads to high performance.
  • Pumps are made durable with cast iron body.
  • Used mainly in honey combing concrete areas for filling up spaces between brick wall and RCC.
  • Pump comes with pressure gauge for efficient and durable performance.