Domestic and Deep Well Hand Pumps

Domestic and deep well hand pumps are Suitable for bore well installation with static water level up to 45 meters. The entire above ground components are fabricated out of steel sections, hence they are strong and sturdy and the pump body is hot-dipped galvanized hence the equipment is non-corrosive. Pre-greased, sealed ball bearings add to the ease of operation and elimination of greasing during use. The spout design ensures collection of water in any type of vessel normally used. Pedestal design ensures the bore hole is sealed to prevent water source contamination.

Cylinder with highly polished brass liner ensures long life of nitrile Rubber pump Bucket. The rubber parts in the cylinder are nontoxic and hence they cause no health hazards. All internal parts of the cylinder are made of Gun-metal to ensuring long life. These pumps can be easily adapted for shallow-well, wind Mill and Motorized operations with monitor modifications. India mark II pump works on the positive displacement principle, hence the discharge remains constant irrespective of the depth of bore.

  Depths Pipe Size 40 Strokes PM
India Mark- II 0-33 MTRS 32 NB GI Pipe 15Litres
Extra Deep well 33-90 MTRS 32 NB GI Pipe 12Litres
VLOM 65mm 0-45 MTRS 65 NB GI Pipe 15Litres
VLOM 50mm 0-45 MTRS 50 NB GI Pipe 15 Litres
AFRIDEV 0-45 MTRS 53.6 ID Vapvacapipe 15 Litres