Standard cement Grout Pump (Model- Mi-04)

The Standard Cement Grouting Pumps is hand operated diaphragm pump, which is widely used for grouting small and medium cable ducts. With the movement of the diaphragm, the suction & pumping of fine cement grout is performed, wherein pressure is retained by two ball lock valves that are provided at inlet and outlet. The pump can develop pressure up to 4kg/cm2 (60 P S I) and discharges approximately 190 liters of neat cement grout per hour.


  • Used in concrete repairing/ grouting/ duct gap filling and other applications.
  • It has an output efficiency of 190 liters per hour at 60 psi (4kgs/cm2).
  • Especially designed in hexagon brass non-return valve and strainer at the suction end to ensure no choking of the system.
  • Easy to remove and clean.
  • Highly economical and Maintenance free.