Electrical Cement grout Pump (Model- ECGP-35)

MIE-400 is acomplete set of equipment required for high pressure epoxy, PU or Resinous injection. Proper locking of the pressure of the fluid is provided with efficient N.R.V.s and seals, which makes the pump more efficient and maintenance free. Resin, Pu or any type of waterproofing chemical having a viscosity of 50 to 800 cps can be efficiently pumped with a high pressure up to 400 bars by using MIE-400.

Item Feature Benefit
Pump Output Pressure up-to 8000 psi Suitable for injection grouting.
Output discharge up-to 1 LPM Suitable for fast acting chemicals and time saving.
Suitable Material selection Compatible with grouts.
Detachable Easy to clean and maintain.
Drive Motor Electronic drill machine Provides High torque.
Low Weight (2.7 kg approx.) Can be carried easily.
220 V A.C /110 volt (optional) Easily available.
Stainless Steel feed Hopper   1.5 liter capacity High Volume capacity.
Cleaning Can be scrapped and cleaned.
Durability Highly durable.
Fluid handling Epoxies, urethanes, solvents.
Fluid Hoses Compatibility with epoxies, urethanes, solvents, water One hose fits all – no changing hoses between applications
Swivel connection Easy to change hoses – saves time, Orientation at any angle.
High Pressure capacity. Suitable for grouting job.
Pressure gauge 9000 psi Pressure can be regularly monitored.
Injection Gun Ball type valve design Avoids splattering in changeover from hole to hole.
Other Accessories Suitability Suitable with pump and grouting jobs.