Dual line Epoxy & Pu Injection with flush Pump (Model- MIE-350-2C)

Dual line Epoxy & Pu Injection Pump (MIE-350-2C) is suggested for injection of double component chemical with a mixing ratio of 1:1, when it has a very low settling lime. The two components (Generally named as Type A and Type B) of the grout are mixed in a definite proportion and used to fill the void. It has a very low setting time so it requires an immediate attention while pumping and even after pumping. The attention required is immediate pouring of the injection chemical after mixing and rapid cleaning of hose and gun to avoid settling of chemical mixture into it. Dual line Epoxy & Pu Injection Pump (MIE-350-2C) comes with a secondary pump for pumping thinner for cleaning of the hose pipe and injection gun immediate after pumping resin mixture. Dual line Epoxy & Pu Injection Pump (MIE-350-2C) has two cylinders and pistons for pumping chemicals. The chemicals are poured and pumped separately and mixed with the help of static mixers in mixing gun so, chemical mixture ejects immediately after mixing. When main pump stops the secondary pump (Thinner pump) is started to clean the hose pipe and gun assembly immediately. It makes the pump hassle free and low maintaining. Dual line Epoxy & Pu Injection Pump (MIE-350-2C) has a higher output discharge up-to 2 liter per minute at a pressure up-to 5000 psi.

Item Feature Benefit
Pump Output Pressure up-to 6000 psi Suitable for injection grouting.
Output discharge up-to 2 LPM Suitable for fast acting chemicals and time saving.
Two cylinders Pumps A and B separately.
Secondary (Thinner) Pump Provides easy cleaning and maintenance.
Drive Motor Electronic drill machine Provides High torque.
Low Weight (2.7 kg approx.) Can be carried easily.
220 V A.C. Easily available.
Stainless Steel feed Hoppers 1.5 liter capacity- 2 Nos. High Volume capacity.
Cleaning Can be scrapped and cleaned.
Durability Highly durable.
Fluid handling Epoxies, urethanes, solvents.
Fluid Hoses Compatibility with epoxies, urethanes, solvents, water One hose fits all – no changing hoses between applications
Swivel connection Easy to change hoses – saves time, Orientation at any angle.
High Pressure capacity. Suitable for grouting job.
Pressure gauge 9000 psi Pressure can be regularly monitored.
Injection Gun Static mixer type design Mixes fluid immediate before injection.
Other Accessories Suitability Suitable with pump and grouting jobs.