Manual operated Hydrostatic Pressure test pumps

Manual operated Hydrostatic Pressure test pumps can be used for conduction of leak test on pipe work systems, Containers, Plumb Lines, Heating and oil installation systems, Compressed air systems, Steam lines, Refrigerator lines, Solar and sprinkler systems, Boilers and pressure vessels.

Piston of theManual operated Hydrostatic Pressure test pump exerts a high pressure on the test fluid (Generally Water) in the systembeing tested which is coupled with a hose pipe. The test pump is very compact and light in weight so it provides workability without any foundation on plane surfaces and Ease towards Maintenance and Transportation. Important working parts are made of stainless steel for trouble-free operation and to obtain specific pressure.

The pump works both with water and oil. A wide range of Hydrostatic pressure test pump is offered which varies on the basis of discharge and pressure capacity and it can be selected on the basis of customers’ requirement.